This is How We Roll.

About Us

Created for Children of Castle Pines.

Created in the fall of 2008, Castle Pines Athletics is a recreational youth sports program designed specifically for children ages 3 to 12 years who reside within the City of Castle Pines.
The mission of Castle Pines Athletics is to aid in the physical, mental, and emotional growth of
local youth by providing non-competitive and developmental sports while utilizing the
local neighborhood parks in our community.

Play at Home.

This program saves your family time, money, and gas since all of our practices AND games
are held at the four neighborhood parks in Castle Pines:  
Elk Ridge Park, Daniels Gate Park, The Retreat Park, and Coyote Ridge Park .
Our basketball program is played at local schools in Castle Pines. 
Play with Neighbors & Friends
Being on a team is a lot more fun when you play with friends! We do our best to
pair friends and neighbors together on teams. Be sure to list your friend or favorite
coach on your registration and we will do our best to make the match. 
(Requests cannot be guaranteed, but 99% of the time...we can make it happen.)
Stress-Free Sports
Our recreational program offers a "toned-down" approach to fast-paced  competitive sports.
At Castle Pines Athletics, we don't think it is healthy for young children to practice sports
multiple times a week, or travel for competitive sports. In fact, many children suffer
sports "burn out" when they hit middle school  because they were pushed too hard. 
We teach basic skills of each sport we offer while focusing on good attitudes, 
sportsmanship, and learning to be part of a team.
Coach Your Child's Team
We welcome volunteer parent coaches. In fact, they are an integral part of our program.
Our coaches select the practice day/time that works best for their schedules and
always coach their own child's team.
Non-Residents Welcome
Children of other communities are welcome to participate in this program for an additional "
non-resident" fee. Fees are transferred to the City for parks maintenance. 
Everyone is welcome!
Where Every Child's a Winner.
At Castle Pines Athletics, we don't think it is healthy for young children to practice sports multiple times a week, travel for competitive sports, or endure the pressures of many highly intensive competitive athletic programs. 
Many children suffer sports "burn out" when they hit middle school because they were pushed too hard, too young. We think it is important for a child to be physically active, learn a new sport, yet still have time to be a child.

According to the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one child playing an organized sport — a total of about 45 million kids. By age 15, as many as 80 percent of these kids quit playing. One reason is the gap between the child’s desire to have fun and the misguided notion among some adults that their kids’ games are a miniature version of grown-up competitions, where the goal is to win - - no matter what.

At Castle Pines Athletics, we strive to teach basic skills of each sport we offer while focusing on good attitudes, sportsmanship, and learning to be part of a team. Our philosophy embraces teaching fundamentals, life lessons, and creating new friendships versus a “win at all cost” competitive sports mentality.     

Every child is a winner with Castle Pines Athletics. We hope you and your child will enjoy our program.

Drawing by Charley L., age 8